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Hiking Tips & Trails | Gift Ideas for Hikers

Hiking Tips & Trails | Gift Ideas for Hikers

Hiking Tips & Trails | Gift Ideas for Hikers

5 Indian Ocean Hiking Trails To Add In Your Bucket List

The best hiking trails provide days of continuous exploration through the varied terrain as you watch enthrall at the stunning flora and fauna. Such a track leaves you breathless with its changing views as you go deep into the woods or even climb a mountain, probably without cell service. Such trails deserve to be on your bucket list. The Indian Ocean has several of such great hikes that will make your exploration enjoyable. Below is a detailed description of such hikes in the ocean; the trails that will have you saying “Wow” from time to time as you explore. They all look fantastic in photos and are even more magnificent in reality.

Black River Gorges Hiking Trails in Mauritius

Rainbow at Black River Gorges Hiking Trail

This hiking trail of Mauritius lies right at the heart of Black River Gorges National Park, the vastest protected forest in the paradise. The site has more than 50 kilometers of tracks. Many trails crisscross the park creating an unraveling shoestrings pattern. Two main roads run through the park, and authorities have used it to mark trail heads. However, most of the paths get obscured almost into the bush by the thickets creating a perfect setting for adventure. To give visitors, the best of hiking in Mauritius, the local authorities have put in place many guests’ centers from where you can get a crude map to update yourself with present conditions of the tracks. The main trails include Macchabee, a 10-kilometer single way, and the steep path that will take you about four hours. Macchabee Loop, on the other hand, is an 8 km return, moderately hard trail that will make you approximately three hours.

The Arkaba Walk, South Australia

This Arkaba trail traverses the country’s ancient, iconic Flinders Ranges creating the ultimate hike to reconnoiter this fascinating part of the country. Besides mesmerizing about Australia’s unique wildlife like kangaroos and emus, the walk will take yours through the magnificent Outback scenery. The topography brings back to life the 600 plus years of geological history besides being part of the recent past. During your holiday through the country find time for this track; your respect for the initial inhabitants of this otherwise harsh yet spectacular country will increase tenfold. Do you fancy camping out? There are endless starry for skies for just that giving you enough time to enjoy this eccentrically touching part of the nation.

Nez de Boeuf-Roche Plate, Reunion

Nez de Boeuf Hiking Trail partly covered with fog

Long in distance and duration, the advantage of this hiking track far outweighs its difficulty. Right from the start at the volcano, the road sees a descend into River Ramparts below, effectively providing a beautiful view that overlooks the valley before crossing into the tropical forest ahead. So, what makes this trail exceptional? It accords you a chance to experience the various elements that make the island a picturesquely diverse landscape. The entire distance of this track is 15 km and will take you about seven hours to complete. The hike is, nonetheless, in the hard category and as such only suits seasoned hikers.

LE POUCE Hiking Trail, Mauritius

Aerial View of Le Pouce Mauritius

Le Pouce offers a rewarding thanks to its amazing panoramic views of the island. At 812 m, the mountain is the third largest on the island. The trail starts at a place called Petit Verger in Moka region. While the trail head is not easy to identify, if you are a seasoned hiker or you have a map, you will have an easy time. Throughout the hike, you get stunning views of Moka Range. The peak’s exceptionally shaped rock formation creates the image of a human head. The trail first leads up through sugarcane fields before heading into the cool forest. The track then meanders as it gains altitude traversing odd shrine chiseled into the rock face.

Twelve Apostles Lodge Hiking Trail, Victoria

This hiking trail is alive with native wildlife and bush land taking you through varying landscapes along the magnificent coastline between the iconic Twelve Apostles and Apollo Bay. The topography varies a great deal, from the cold rain forest climate to fascinating coastal cliff tops as well as archaic remote beaches. Twelve Apostles Lodge track, therefore, has something special for every hiker. It provides a sedately secure means of visiting some of Australia’s sites that guests often miss, particularly when driving fast through the smooth roads. It also allows you to see the wildlife found nowhere else on the planet.


Once you identify your ideal track for a hike your preferred nation, it is advisable to pack the right gear for the exploration. Regardless of the difficulty level of the trail, you anticipated duration or your experience, be sure to bring along sunblock, water, appropriate shoes, a hat and any other equipment that suits the site. If you choose any track that takes several hours, pack some snacks as well. With all the basics with you, start early lest the clouds obscure the stunning views ruining your hike. Of all the hiking trails above Black River Gorges, hiking trails stand out. The fact they are located in a country with gorgeous natural beauty that seduces all including seasoned travelers means the site does not disappoint.

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